For the Bar Exam

ILG Exam360 ®is a suite of applications that provide the most comprehensive software available to jurisdictions in order to process all written examinations in electronic format. Applicants download and use the secure laptop software to complete the written portion of the examination electronically.

Graders use the grading application in order to read and score all essays in electronic format.

Admission offices use the intuitive administrative website to complete all of the tasks related to laptop registration, exam reconciliation as preparation for the grading process.

The administrative website is customized to each state's unique exam and grading policies and procedures.

All of these individual components make up the entire ILG Exam360 ®suite.

For Grading

The feature packed Bar Grading module provides graders with all the tools necessary to efficiently review and score all essays electronically in a user-friendly environment. The Bar Grading module handles all phases of grading.

For Law Schools

ILG Exam360 ®for law schools provides the users with an intuitive software and website to complete assignments, exams and quizzes. The law school staff utilizes the easy to use website to complete all tasks necessary to setup and close assignments, exams and quizzes. Students use the stable and user friendly ILG Exam360 ®software to complete the necessary task and upload their answers. Additionally, the students have their own convenient website to track assignments, exams and quizzes and the upload status of each.